"Baruir has  the best coffee.  I have been going there for more than three years, and each time I get
great coffee.  You have to know what your doing for that  to  happen.
Baruir’s roasts its own coffee and has since opened in 1966 by the Nersesian family:

Baruir’s is a sort of open secret among an inner circle of outer borough New York food
cognoscenti. You will not find it in the Zagat Gourmet Marketplace, nor among the usual lists of
New York coffee huts, most of which are trendily forgettable. Stop by for fresh roasted coffee or a
cup at a place that was a gourmet shop for Greek and Armenian essentials before the term gourmet
shop was invented. The iced coffee is served with ice cubes made of coffee, and that means no
diluting, just coffee taste.

The Amuse Bouche review prompted me to stop by Baruir’s, and I got to say the coffee is excellent,
not over-roasted or bitter, but a great coffee flavor. Also they sell good dried fruit and chocolate
covered coffee beans, along with plenty of imported jams and foodstuffs from the Mediterranean
and Near East.

Note - Baruir’s is a not a coffee shop so much as it is a shop for great coffee. There's only a couple
small chairs and tables for sitting.   Baruir’s Coffee, 40-07 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, 718-784-0842
Subway - #7 (local) to 40th St/Lowery St in Sunnyside, N.Y..

By John Roleke, About.com Guide to Queens, NY since 2003
"When you want the best"
Baruir's Coffee
"Baruir's, a Sunnyside coffee shop and roaster, has won the award for Best Coffee Shop in Defiance of
Starbucks from the 2006 Independent Food Festival & Awards. .